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Serving the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas since 1997.  We are WordPress experts.  Graphic design, web site design , print, branding and alchemy – we’ll do anything for our clients, except windows, sorry we don’t do those.

Update: Install it, move it, fix it. Aside from all the wonderful magical things we do listed below, we’ll also do one time fixes for developers. That WordPress, php, css, problem you just can’t tackle? Give us a call. Also, we’ll install WordPress on any platform or move your website if you have one of those absentee designers or developers who just won’t call you back.
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  • web design blogSpec this!
    November 19, 2015, 9:14 pm

    “But my Grandmother doesn’t like the coffee, can you give me 3 others to choose from?”

  • web design blog▶ Your Favorite Photoshop Experts Open Photoshop 1.0
    March 13, 2015, 2:51 pm

    While in a sales meeting and going through our website development history… we were dealing with the performance lag issues with the Flash player on Mac’s and Macromedia’s lack of dealing with it. We had two constant issues to overcome with client’s demands, random Flash performance issues coupled with version compatibility, and, the constant issue of content management, which we had semi-solved with XML. While doing a random search we half lucked into seeing the writing on the wall – the demise of Flash – and found WordPress 1.0. So, funny that I just ran into this fun video (well, fun for graphic designers) Photoshop 1.0. I actually cut my teeth on P’shop 3.0 but had messed around with 1.0 it once on my Dad’s Mac.

    ▶ Your Favorite Photoshop Experts Open Photoshop 1.0 – YouTube.

  • web design blogCan I use this picture?
    August 6, 2014, 2:15 pm

    A very common question around here. We have to be very diligent about the images our clients give us on a project. In today’s litigious society – even though the website is not “our” website – as the web designers we are just as likely to be named along with the client in any copyright related issues. Our safe advice is to go straight to our trusted stock sites and fork over the few bucks needed for piece of mind. It’s also usually easier to find that perfect image, in the proper size,  needed as opposed to scouring the web for a similar image free of rights. However, sometimes the client has found that perfect image and they really, really want to use it but don’t know if they can. “Better safe than sorry ” usually applies here, but it may be worth going through the motions to find out. Here’s a handy flow chart provided by The Visual Communication Guy to put your image through the test.


  • web design blogClient Watch: Michael Johnson comes to Tampa!
    March 12, 2014, 4:04 pm

    When we built MJ93.org for Michael’s foundation he was with the Cincinnati Bengals. We were quite pleased to learn that he has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Welcome to Tampa, Michael.

    Bucs add several on busy first day of free agency.

  • web design blogMind your own business!
    January 21, 2014, 4:32 pm

    Once again we have a client in the process of being bamboozled out of their $$$ by some slick talking SEO salesman promising them the top ranking on a Google search. Luckily we were able to talk them down from the ledge. These people know nothing about what you do, they just have a list of words they will cleverly cram into a few paragraphs that will read like a bad infomercial. Look good to a search engine? Maybe, but most a human will know it looks like a naked mannequin in the window of an abandoned strip mall. Your clients will know it’s not you and the chances of them sharing it or coming back for more aren’t good. In the long run you’re hurting your business more than helping. Our advice has been the same for years… write it yourself. You’ll save money, connect with your clients, and you may find that it hones your skills to do what you do better. We can help make it easy for you to write, publish and edit your content. Ask us how, we’ll show you how easy it is.
    So, who knows your business? You do!

    Opinion Column — The Inconvenient Truth About SEO | Smashing Magazine.